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Under the instructions of insurers, reinsurers, the insured and insurance brokers Azsurvey carries out pre-risk surveys .Based on the information obtained by engineers in the course of site inspections, analysis of submitted engineering documentation, as well as data from reference, regulatory, scientific and engineering books, current market situation, we issue Survey Reports.
This report allows insurers, reinsurers and insurance brokers to assess the quality of risk and to estimate the amount of potential damage, and the insured to obtain an unbiased independent opinion on the state of protection of their property from fires, explosions, machinery breakdowns, malicious acts, climatic perils, the possibility of major losses due to business interruptions, damage to third parties and environment, etc. In addition, the report suggests measures (recommendations) aimed at reduction of the probability of loss occurrences (prevention) and/or minimization of loss from the occurrence.
A Risk survey is being carried out by highly professional experts, that have special technical education ,many years of experience in terms of fire security and industrial security, as well surveying and risk-audits of different scale industrial units in many various fields.

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