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Loss adjusting is a package of measures undertaken by Insurer in order to fulfil his obligations to the Insured in case of a loss occurrence.
Azsurvey provides outsourced claims handling services. As a result of our work, our Clients receive a Report on Loss – loss adjuster’s deliverables based on the investigations conducted. Based on Insurer’s or other insurance member’s instructions Azsurvey undertakes to perform a part of the procedure or all business processes within the scope of Insurer’s work to handle each specific loss (event attributable to a loss occurrence).
By applying an individual approach to every case, Azsurvey specialists are not only loss adjusters (interacting directly with the Insured or Broker) but also are dedicated professionals in a specific area. This approach allows Insurer to obtain the professional independent opinion on the circumstances and causes of an event and amount of loss, and to get recommendations on admission or rejection of policy liability for a loss, as well as and advice on promising lines of recovery (subrogation).
The experience of our expert is great in various areas, including different industries such as power generation sector, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, chemistry, petrochemistry, minerals extraction and processing, etc, as well as construction, transport, banking and finance, agriculture, medicine and pharmacy, wholesale and retail trade, arts and art treasures, telecommunications and media, and other spheres of activity. We are glad to offer professional loss adjusting services for

  • – Insurance against risks of damage, total or physical loss of property
  • – CAR/EAR insurance
  • – Liability Insurance
  • – Financial risks insurance

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