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Consulting in terms of insurance contract, insurance payments and rating of insurance companies

  • – Consulting in terms of insurance conditions and preparation of insurance contracts
  • – Preparation of Insurance Act in accordance with insurance contract and insurance case
  • – Preparation of act for insurance contract prolongation
  • – Juridical consulting of insurance cases
  • – Mediatory expert service between client and insurance company
  • – Mediatory service and presentation of client’s interest in case of insurance payment
  • – Juridical consulting in case of insurance payment refusal, preparation of expert act and analysis of potential possibilities for insurance payment coverage
  • – Consulting and preparation of statements of claim
  • – Advocate service in regional, city, Court of Appeal, Supreme Courts
  • – Juridical consulting in terms of judgments and their implementation
  • – Cyber risks management, consulting in terms of cyber insurance (cyber insurance and preparation of expert act in case of loss of information as a result of cyber attacks or related cases)

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